Domain Registration

Innovative Infotech offers best pricing for New Domain Registration, Domain Renewal, Domain Transfer, DNS and other services. Please see the below table for pricing:

Domain Name New Registration (INR / Year) Renewals (INR / Year) Max Registration Years
comRs. 655.00Rs. 655.0010
netRs. 656.00Rs. 656.0010
orgRs. 655.00Rs. 655.0010
infoRs. 632.00Rs. 632.0010
bizRs. 655.00Rs. 655.0010
usRs. 515.00Rs. 515.0010
nameRs. 555.49Rs. 555.4910
inRs. 750.00Rs. 750.0010
.mobiRs. 1,198.99Rs. 1,198.9910
.asiaRs. 835.00Rs. 835.0010
.nameRs. 632.00Rs. 632.0010
.co.inRs. 582.99Rs. 582.9910
.tvRs. 1,668.00Rs. 1,668.0010
.org.ukRs. 555.49Rs. 555.4910
.me.ukRs. 555.49Rs. 555.4910
.net.inRs. 582.99Rs. 582.9910
.org.inRs. 582.99Rs. 582.9910
.ind.inRs. 582.99Rs. 582.9910
.firm.inRs. 582.99Rs. 582.9910
.gen.inRs. 582.99Rs. 582.9910
.us.comRs. 1,374.99Rs. 1,374.9910
.eu.comRs. 1,374.99Rs. 1,374.9910
.uk.comRs. 2,419.99Rs. 2,419.9910
.uk.netRs. 2,419.99Rs. 2,419.9910
.br.comRs. 2,419.99Rs. 2,419.9910
.jpn.comRs. 2,419.99Rs. 2,419.9910
.coRs. 2,039.39Rs. 2,039.3910
.com.coRs. 927.29Rs. 927.2910
.net.coRs. 927.29Rs. 927.2910
.in.netRs. 571.99Rs. 571.9910
For detailed pricing and other features and to register a domain online please click here to visit portal Innovative Infotech - Domain Portal

Our (Payment Gateway) Channel Partners

We are authorized channel partners for the following companies to market and sell their own services or technologies. We identified after considering vaious aspects, that these are the best in the market in India in terms of Service and Support which are the main concern for the clients.

As authorized partners, we have previleges in these companies in pricing and also we have direct support assistance for technical and commercial services. This enable us to offer a better pricing and the best service to our clients.